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Green String of Pearls 13"

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The cascading green string of pearl succulent is a captivating botanical masterpiece that will breathe life into any space. This realistic artificial succulent is known for its cascading tendrils adorned with delicate, bead-like foliage. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our faux string of pearl succulent captures the essence of the real plant, bringing everlasting allure to your decor. The lush green tendrils, carefully crafted to resemble the original plant, cascade gracefully. This artificial string of pearl plant exudes a sense of movement and vitality, infusing any space with a refreshing and calming ambiance. Whether placed in a hanging planter, adorning shelves, or cascading down from a decorative vase, this fake succulent is a stunning addition that instantly elevates the aesthetic of your interior. Unlike real succulents, our artificial string of pearl requires no watering or maintenance, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of house plants without the hassle. Its realistic appearance remains evergreen, gracing your space with botanical charm all year round.
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