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Feline Mug Rug - Chase

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A tiny quilt, a splash of color, just big enough for a mug of something warm and soul-satisfying and a sweet treat. Even when not in use they catch your eye and cause an inadvertent smile, remembering the last time you could take a moment for yourself and just be.  The Feline Mug Rugs are a combination of playful prints and frisky colors - much like cats themselves! Cat eyes, cat food, and even a hiding mouse or two, these coasters are purr-fect.  The idea to make these actually came to us from a friend who gave them to attendees at a holiday cookie exchange. I used mine for a couple of weeks and fell in love with it. Which I know sounds odd but I swear I looked for opportunities to use it. Once that happened I realized I just had to bring it to my customers. They would make perfect hostess gifts for the holidays, stocking stuffers, send one in the mail to a friend just to let them know you are thinking of them. The possibilities are endless and perfectly captures the new word of the moment: Hygge - the Danish obsession with getting cozy.  100% Cotton Machine Wash / Tumble Dry Made in USA
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