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Bpt Shoulder Bag & Backpack Women Fur Sling Bag Shoulder Doll BEAR Head Sling Bag TEDDY BEAR Fur | Shopee Malaysia

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Size T.45 X P.21 Load SIDU Standard Size Write Book Size 15cmx21cm Color:brown,pink ,Dark brown Body material: feather 75cm length rope Can FOR ADULTS Zipper: there is How to use: middle and shoulder back Shipped From: bandung City The product we sell is local replica. Not realpict. Because of the Handmade Local convection of Bandung. So adjust the expectations of the goods at the price yes.. because the name of imitation cannot be 100% the same😊 And the products sold do not include pompom hangers/other hangers😊 If the item runs out / empty will be Info as soon as possible. And the choice: -Replace Other models -Slip Money in the package Please order is clicked according to the variation in color available and in interest yes. Could provide alternative colors written in the note column so that the package can be sent immediately if the color is interested is empty yes Please input Name - No. Active PHP - COMPLETE ADDRESS according to CHECKOUT (avoid COLLOUT & ACCORTLY column address AT CHECKOUT (avoid being cooled at the time on the Expedition due to shipping differences) Do not accept Refund / exchange Our send schedule: - Monday - FRIDAY (Saturday tentative) Sunday & Red Date Off - Sorry🙏 Giving 1-3 assessment will not be entertained next order (block) Items price includes shipping fee that should be borne by the buyer.