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Late shoot last night, totally worth it for the dramatic spotlights and whatnot.

Thanks to everybody who came out to #UnpopularOpinion last night!

If you missed last night's 'MS Werd & Friends' at Westside Comedy Theater, you missed so much music/rap/laughter from Swaim, Dan, Cody, and special guest Dr. Awkward.

We were at the Webbys last night, and they gave us a singing greeting card and everything.

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FYI, Los Feliz Cafe ( is where we shoot #AfterHours, and they have an "A" rating from the Health Department.

We added more music to our Cracked #Podcast #Spotify playlist, and that RUN-DMC song is the one John McClane hates in 'Die Hard'!

See Katie Willert and DJ Faucet tonight and tomorrow at Chicago Sketchfest:

"He did this to himself #plasticbag #hubris" #CatsOfCracked

Christina H's dog Frobolome has his very own Instagram account, which means he's a lazy good-for-nothin' millenial: