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10 Lições Incríveis do Bambu

Um paralelo entre os nossos desafios e a capacidade de resiliência de um bambu.

Parallel plots. Coming or age, romance, terrorists and serial killers all in one. Queer themes. Learn more at Common Sense Media:

Perfect Grilled Vegetables

Our guide to the best grilled vegetables will keep you fired up all summer long. Just pick your veggie -- or make mix-and-match kebabs -- and master a few basic techniques. Always heat the grill to precisely the recommended temperature and use skewers to keep small or narrow veggies from falling into the fire (wooden ones should be soaked in water for 30 minutes beforehand so they don't burn). Finally, if you'd like to add restaurant-worthy crosshatch marks, wait until the grate leaves a…

Sexism is Hard to Explain

Sexism is Hard to Explain - This morning I was walking into my building and a man was walking parallel with me. He was going towards one set of doors; I was going…

50 Best Hairstyle Secrets

Use a small curling iron (holding it parallel to your head) and wrap small sections (about an inch) around the barrel for a glam, '40s look. Do your entire head, curling all the way up on one side of the part. Vary how much curl you get on the other side so you leave a bit of super-smooth roots on one side. Spray your whole head with a setting spray and a bit of shine spray when you're done. MARIE CLAIRE RECOMMENDS SMALL CURLING IRON like Revlon Studio 35 Professional Styling Iron, ...

The Food Lab: Foolproofing the Perfect Rack of Lamb

This week I decided to tackle lamb racks—one of the most expensive (try $20+ per pound) and potentially delicious meats out there—I figured my work would be easy. I mean, I'd already tackled Perfect Prime Rib, which is the beefy equivalent. Could the ovine parallel really be all that different? As it turns out, yes, it can.

30 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

30 Mistakes small business people make. A post on what entrepreneurs do that dooms their business.

Mirai Botnet Source Code Unveiled | iHLS Israel Homeland Security

É de facto fantástico o mundo da Hipnose e,todo o potencial que detém,para aprimorar o ser humano!

É de facto fantástico o mundo da Hipnose etodo o potencial que detémpara aprimorar o ser humano!

Excelente leitura, com ele é possível entender um pouco mais da história da hipnose e como ela se…

Excelente leitura com ele é possível entender um pouco mais da história da hipnose e como ela se