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Fóssil de pássaro primitivo - Confuciusornis sanctus, com 125 a 120 milhões de anos atrás (Período Mesozóico), encontrado em Liaoning, Província da China

bernievideo: “Fossil in Travertine” (Taken with Instagram)

Green River Fossil Fish ~ Priscacara serrata

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Bottom feeding Fossil Fish -- Gyronchus, Order Pycnodotiformes, Family Pycnodontidae. Cenomanian Stage (93-97 m.y.a.),

Primitive Early Eocene bat from Wyoming and the evolution of flight and echolocation (2007) by Simmons, Seymour, Habersetzer & Gunnell Synopsis Bats (Chiroptera) represent one of the largest and most diverse radiations of mammals, accounting for one-fifth of extant species. Although recent studies unambiguously support bat monophyly and consensus is rapidly emerging about evolutionary relationships among extant lineages the fossil record of bats extends over 50 million years, and early ev...

The Albertosaurus skull discovered by geologist Joseph Tyrrell in 1884 while mapping coal deposits in the Alberta badlands. Canada’s first carnivorous dinosaur was named in 1905, the same year Alberta became a province. Thirty years ago today, the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, named in his honour, opened to the public. ‪#FossilFriday #30Years ‪#DinosaurCountry ‪#ExploreAlberta #ExploreCanada #Palaeontology

Lepidotus sp Jurassic Period – approx. 180 million years old Holzmaden, Germany