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It's cool how all of the first ones are about him fighting his demons and the last ones are like him talking to the clique helping us through the same thing

How to Write The Perfect About Me Page (Printable Template Included!)

Guess which page of your blog will ~90% of your visitors visit when they first stumble on your site? No prizes for this one.. it's the about me page. Hence, learning how to write an amazing about me page is very important. Here's how to write a perfect about me page. /search/?q=%23blog&rs=hashtag /search/?q=%23aboutme&rs=hashtag

This is actually a good insult to one of those girls who's like.. it's all about me! And they cake on the makeup and stuff... ya.. I'm so using this

This is the power and hold that depression has. It makes you want to not exist in this world.

{Mikey Way}{Kidnapped} "Hi," I start off shyly. "I-Im Mikey. Um.." I messnwith my fingers. "There really isnt much to know about me.. Well, I play bass. I love coffee and comic books and Im gery shy and awkward."

But no guys this was actually really serious and wow poor Tyler why would anyone do this to him we shouldn't be making jokes about it

Are You Satisfied?

I tell people this all of the time and they always look at me like I'm insaneXD

Orchestra jokes never get old. Confession: I totally recognized the violin sheet music on sight.