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É possível que a próxima temporada de "Game Of Thrones" tenha só sete episódios

E Dany conseguiu um grande khalasar para ajudá-la a invadir as coisas por aí. De novo. | É possível que a próxima temporada de "Game Of Thrones" tenha só sete episódios

"...The rescue attempt would always end with a sword fight while Sansa cheered Robb on, and when he won he would pick her up and spin her around while she laughed happily, kissing his cheek and declaring him the bravest knight in the seven kingdoms. Though they were silly games of pretend, still Sansa waited in King’s Landing with the hope that Robb would be her knight just one more time." and then i cried.

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This Map Shows The Real-World Equivalents Of The Seven Kingdoms

This cool Game of Thrones map shows what it would look like if Westeros were Europe

Eddard Stark by John Picacio. "Catelyn had never liked this godswood....This was a place of deep silence and brooding shadows, and the gods who lived here had no names. But she knew she would find her husband here tonight. Whenever he took a man’s life, afterward he would seek the quiet of the godswood."

Princess Elaena Targaryen was the fifth and youngest child of Aegon III and Daenaera. Locked away along with her two sisters. Was married for three times (to Ossifer Plum, Ronnel Penrose and Michael Manwoody) and had a total of seven children, five by two of her husbands and two born out of wedlock (fathered by her cousin and lover Alyn Velaryon).

ASoIaF - The Seven Gods (Faith of the Seven) by *black-lupin on deviantART #got #agot #asoiaf

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Massive, Easter Egg-filled map of Game Of Thrones' Seven Kingdoms

Lovely map of Game Of Thrones' Westeros - nice style and a myriad of crests!

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Game of Thrones Maps: Get to Know Your Way Around The Seven Kingdoms

Map of The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, As depicted in George R.R. Martins Fantasy Epic "A Song of Ice and Fire." Pretty nifty.

Game of Thrones Geeky Christmas Card - Seven Kingdoms send their WishesBirthday Christmas Card, Game of Thrones greetings card, Seven Kingdoms birthday Christmas card.Send your Birthday or Christmas wishes with this lovely greetings card, inspired by the TV show Game of Thrones and the book saga A Song of Ice and Fire. ...

August 2016: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (A Song of Ice and Fire) by George R.R. Martin