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Yes, Redox Signaling Molecules WERE impossible outside our body until 2009. Let me know if this makes sense to you.

Is ASEA just salt and water? Would the US government give multiple patents if it was just a solution that you could mix up in your kitchen??? I don't think so! www.newhealth4u.net

Cell Signaling, Signal Transduction and Cancer: Signal transduction – how cells receive, process and respond to information that comes to them from other cells. Most of the signaling molecules are large and hydrophilic, typically proteins, so they can’t come into the cytoplasm (other than steroids). They typically interact with receptors that are on the plasma membrane, so the receptor responds to the signal – then the receptor has to communicate that information into the cell so that the…

Cute animated video describing the job of a mitochondria. Made by ASEA.

How to Balance Redox Reactions: Balancing Redox Reactions - Add the Half-Reactions

It not only boosts energy and recovery, it relieves aches and pain without drugs or chemicals, because it uses your body's own redox signaling molecules to heal itself!!! Learn the astounding science behind it...'real' athletes testimonials at http://www.replenishlife.com/

Her2 protein expression is a good example of how gene amplification can have a regulatory impact upon a tumor's growth. In breast cancer, overexpression of Her2 protein results from gene amplification in chromosome 17. This increase in production of growth-signaling molecules speeds up the rate of the cancer's progress.

ASEA Redox Supplement

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