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Is ASEA just salt and water? Would the US government give multiple patents if it was just a solution that you could mix up in your kitchen??? I don't think so!

Maintaining Blood Sugar. Hypoglycemia. Hyperglycemia. Ways to Decrease Blood Sugar. Insulin. Blood Glucose.

neurotransmitters and their functions | Summary of the Known Major Neurotransmitters

Adrenal Gland and its functions. Cushing's Desease. Addison's Disease. Cortisol, Aldosterone, Sex hormones

Pharmacokinetics: How Your Body Handles Drugs - One Minute Medical School

Yes, Redox Signaling Molecules WERE impossible outside our body until 2009. Let me know if this makes sense to you.

Overview of signal transduction pathways.

proton neutron electron game

Her2 protein expression is a good example of how gene amplification can have a regulatory impact upon a tumor's growth. In breast cancer, overexpression of Her2 protein results from gene amplification in chromosome 17. This increase in production of growth-signaling molecules speeds up the rate of the cancer's progress.