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Explora Signaling Molecules, Redox Signaling e outros!

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Adrenal Gland and its functions. Cushing's Desease. Addison's Disease. Cortisol, Aldosterone, Sex hormones

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College Age Addictions

College Age Addictions

neurotransmitters and their functions | Summary of the Known Major Neurotransmitters


National Center for Civil and Human Rights Opens in Atlanta

National Center for Civil and Human Rights Opens in Atlanta -

The Inside Story of Cell Communication Signals Travel Into Cells | Learn.Genetics Image: Two pathways

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Featured Artist: The Chemistry Infographics of Compound Interest

Chemistry of the aroma of coffee

Structural features of a typical nerve cell (i.e., neuron) and synapse. This drawing shows the major components of a typical neuron, including the cell body with the nucleus; the dendrites that receive signals from other neurons; and the axon that relays nerve signals to other neurons at a specialized structure called a synapse. When the nerve signal reaches the synapse, it causes the release of chemical messengers (i.e., neurotransmitters) from storage vesicles. The neurotransmitters travel…

Pharmacokinetics: How Your Body Handles Drugs - One Minute Medical School

Is ASEA just salt and water? Would the US government give multiple patents if it was just a solution that you could mix up in your kitchen??? I don't think so!