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The Glass Pavilion, an ultramodern house by Steve Hermann


Sleep. Dream. Work. I love this bed. I relate to the work pinned to the wall and the idea that work and life can get so intertwined that one forgets that there is life outside of what one does for a living. Being in a creative field was a choice made on the basis that I wanted to love what I do. And I've succeeded at that for the most part. But I'm still learning to separate and disconnect from the flow of ideas that can at times wear one down.

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Blog da arquiteta Luana Scandelari reúne ideias e referências de arquitetura e decoração. Trazendo sempre inspirações de projetos, reformas, dicas para usar elementos de decoração e ajudar a explorar todo o potencial de um ambiente.

Architecture and Design blog. Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms...

Casa brasileira com arquitetura e decoração moderna - linda!

Txai House by Studio MK27

Txai House by Studio MK27 (20)

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