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Desmobilia - Móveis, vintage e design para você reinventar seu espaço Altı - Cadeiras na desmobiloa.com.br

We are at odds. We are odds with self. Other people. Cultures. Countries. Religions. Siblings. Political parties. Dog lovers. People with bratty kids. We are at odds. Sometimes war. Because we don't share the same stories. And the stories we have, we embrace as fact and truth. But it is just a story. You can write a whole country in. You can write people out. You can reinvent and recreate it all. And you do. Every day. Once you realize you do, you tap in to new potential.

By this point in the middle of February, it’s a given that you’re tired of winter and bored with your outerwear. We’ve come up with three outfit ideas and pop-of-color accessories that can reinvent your …

Faça você mesma: Decoração para casa. Confira nossas ideias para você reinventar o que já tem e deixar seu cantinho ainda mais personalizado.

If you walked into your hair salon today looking to reinvent yourself, the chances of you walking out with some sort of choppy bob are pretty good

Is your child's room in sad shape? Long overdo for a smart makeover? It's time to say bye bye to drab walls and misplaced shoes and hello to a space that invites play and creativity. We're bringing you inspiration to help you reinvent your child's room! From beautifully bright colors and bold patterns to a magnetic wall, an out-of-this-world space pad and indoor hopscotch, you'll discover some fresh ideas for kids-only spaces that are both fun and functional.

Last year, I started a new Space Club program at four middle schools. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I searched the web for ideas and curriculum to implement. I soon became excited to find great resources like NASA and TeachEngineering, but I was also overwhelmed as a simple Google search for "Space STEM activities" gives you a mere 89 million hits. Wading through a lot of junk eventually brought some gems that I could implement, and I leave it to another post to rant about t

Why reinvent the Wheel? People have walked this walk before you, and there is much to be said for following an established path. This card appears when it's advantageous to color inside the lines, especially if the picture is of something traditional or involves a group. Trust the process and you'll get where you need to go. Hierophant, Gilded Tarot. #colorinsidethelines #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreadersofinstagram #cardaday #oneaday #thegildedtarot #hierophant #mystiknomad

One of the things I hear a lot as a Canva Designer is that people feel stuck on ideas for their graphics, and want to know how to create great looking graphics faster. Well, the last thing I want you to do is reinvent the wheel every single time you sit down to create your graphics. So, if you’re feeling creatively stuck with your visuals, then today’s training is perfect for you. I want to show you how to approach one visual and use that “style” to batch the rest of your graphics so you…

Reiki Healing ? Spiritual ? Chakra Balance This bracelet combines many healing powers within the following Chakra beads; ? Black Agate known for: Confidence, Prosperity, and Wisdom. ? Matte Onyx known for: Objective Alliance, Spirituality and Meditation ?? Carnelian known for: Creativity, Passion and Ambition ?? A beautiful combination of balance. ?? Gemstone accessory for balancing alignment grounding positive energy. Focus your intentions and fine tune your senses. You have…

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