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The Right Way To Iron A Dress Shirt

Ironing a dress shirt is one of those things most people don't know how to do right. As no one wants to walk into a meeting looking like you just took the shirt out of the laundry basket, here are some tips from Business Insider and The Art of Manliness for properly using your iron on a dress shirt.

23 Cosas que tengo que comer aunque muera en el intento

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How To Eat Salad Every Day And Like It!

How To Eat Salad Everyday & LIKE IT! (aka the Fritos everyday diet!) get the recipes at

The Biggest Psychological Thrillers of 2016

The biggest psychological thriller books to read from this past year. Perfect books to read if you like Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train.

Florence, Italy -- National Geographic's Ultimate City Guides

Florence, Italy...''Despojado do que já não há solto no vazio do que ainda não veio, minha boca cantará cantos de alívio pelo que se foi, cantos de espera pelo que há de vir...'' Caio F. Abreu

14 Things Successful People Do On Weekends

Weekend Habits of successful people - It's important to take time off and re-charge over the weekend!

17 Things You'll Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Singing In The Car

my dad is like every time one direction is on the radio changes and i put in one of my cds just to anoy him! my mom is like me lol

Make String Heart Yarn Cards. These make pretty handmade Valentine cards and are a great threading sewing activity for kids!

hislittlebookishbelle: babygirlj21: hislittlebookishbelle: @babygirlj21 MOMMY DO YOU WANT ME TO BRING MY GLITTERS WHEN I VISIT? @hislittlebookishbelle Absolutely not. They are forbidden.(Beast will kill me.)