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Explora Beleza Italiano, Divina'S Secrets e outros!

Spend evenings in Capri is a magic experience! It is one of that places where in one night can happen what is not happening in a life! #getunforgettabledays✔️ Well done for @taybaybae86 . Double tap if love this location!

Some places no need words. #divinaday for @nicoleisaacs in Capri Island. Double tap if you love this!

The blue painted blue sings a famous Italian song.. Good morning there! Fabulous view of the Vesuvio volcan from my loved J.k.Capri #divinaday here for @albertomatano. Double tap and enjoy your day!

Two longers in Capri Island, in one of the most fascinating place where enyoj Vesuvio Volcano view. #divinasecrets by @nachopolo. Double tap if you love this and tag someone special you wish share one.

Let's say you could choose your workplace view ..this is not bad. Isn'it? Good morning there from Ravello! #divinaday here for @ dicapuafranco. Double tap if you love this!

I love the contrast of the wood with the blue #sea and the rocks of this #island. #thedivinaeffect here is so authentic. #divinasecrets with @xmass76. Double tap if you love this.

I love sandy beaches. But that's another story. #divinaday for Brazilian girls @futilidades in my loved beach. Where? At Capri's Fontelina of course! Double tap if you love this for your Saturday.

The three small Brothers! #divinaday there for @ r_magax. Not so small at the end.. Stack of Earth, which is the only one still united to the land, is the highest with its 109 meters. Middle cliff, is one in which there is a cavity in the center, a natural tunnel 60 meters long that crosses it in full, reaching a height of 81 meters. Out of cliff, promontory overlooking the sea, which reaches a height of 104 meters. Double tap if you love that measures !

#thedivinaeffect in white for @nastasiaspassport at one of the most fabulous terraces you could visit: The terrace of Infinite in Ravello. Divine ✔️ #getunforgettabledays Double tap if you love this!

It's just a rock, but how much I envy him! Half the world loves him and his "brothers". And me too of course ! #divinaday in PuntaTragara for @ikchu. Double tap if you too love this!