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Childhood Memories Cushion

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Have you ever wondered what to do with all the collected childhood memories? Uniforms? University merchandise? I have just the thing!
I had many items from childhood in storage, I decided to create this beautiful keepsake in the first lockdown and I would love to do the same for you. I used items of clothing, material from swimming and ballet bags to create the main pattern, ties to create the piping and tags to create the final product.
I managed to find an even number of materials to use to make the squares a little bit easier to work with, I will accept a minimum of four items, and a maximum of six materials to create the one-sided pattern for this reasoning. I used ties for the piping, but I will use a similar colour fabric instead if this isn’t applicable.
Please send photos of the chosen items after purchasing, I will assess the usability and I will send a pre-paid envelope to collect the items from you. Tips: Please consider sending sturdy materials in a good condition, I will not be able to us lace as an example.
Happy Shopping!