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Decora, fairy kei's mental sister. But just look at the Precure lunch box!!!

Decora fashion, hair, accessories, clips, fairy kei, kawaii

I honestly LOVE this, maybe my tomboy days are over and now I must transfer to the pastel goth side

Oct 2013: Creamy Sauce is wearing pastel graphic top from Thank-You Mart, a shooting star-print skirt bought at auction, a pannier, green tights, leg warmers, silver creepers from Shimamura. Decora accessories came from 6%DOKIDOKI; Claire’s; handmade – hair clips, “Happy Birthday” glasses, a Lego and fruits necklace, plush toys, bubble blowers, pink lace fingerless gloves, countless colorful bead bracelets, a cross ring, candy, a pinwheel, and a 6%DOKIOKI giraffe backpack.

Decora girl! ^^ Sometimes it's hard to get it right, but when you do...<3


Todo lo que hay que saber sobre el estilo kawaii

Todo lo que hay que saber sobre el estilo kawaii | VICE | Colombia

I've never understood the cute Band-Aid thing but this is adorable

I don't know what this counts as, but I love it!