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CLARIM BOTOCUDO: MCT quer usar estrutura do pré-sal e construir um laboratório em alto mar

Leonard, Courtney - Courtney M. Leonard has been called, “One of the strongest emerging voices in the field of ceramics today”. Her pottery is meticulously crafted to contain historical and cultural references, but also to make the viewer reflect on their own relationship with nature and sustainability. This very large multi-holed vessel is inspired by the structures made for reviving coral growth. The use of mica clay can be seen just under the surface of the piece.

On Starfleet vessels, Jefferies tubes are internal maintenance conduits that are used to provide crew access to various ship's systems. In emergencies, they are also used for moving around the ship if turbolifts are not functional. Doors within the Jefferies tubes can be sealed for safety or security reasons. It should be noted that on all ship displays of internal structure Jefferies tubes are not displayed, and in some cases show no sign where they could actually fit within the ship...

Popular on 500px : Ruins of Stromness Whaling Station by rolandkunz

Polk Audio 6.5" 2-Way Component & Coaxial Marine/Car Speaker System (2 pairs). Removable Phase Plug. Marine Certified, perfect for use in marine vessels. Neodymium Magnet Structure. High Pass and Low Pass Crossover Filters. U.S. & Euro hole patterns to line up with the mounting screw holes of virtually any vehicle.

Pirate Legends Android Game - playslack.com , make dissimilar structures and defend your pirate vessel in hazardous Caribbean sea. Sail your vessel in dangerous Confederate waters. combat imperial collection, savages and living-dead. Use archaic supernatural and special qualities of your heroes. combat mighty leaders, make dissimilar structures on the islets and enhance them. This Android game boasts fantastic graphics, captivating quests, better song and humor.

Popular on 500px : Hog Shoal Island Lighthouse by TrigPhotography

Microsoft may use sea-bound data centres as artificial reefs Read more Technology News Here --> http://digitaltechnologynews.com Microsoft is forging ahead with its idea to create underwater data centres (known as Project Natick) with the company now having filed a patent for an artificial reef data centre that would not only provide a good home for servers but also ocean life. Spotted by Patent Yogi and filed at the end of December the patent describes a vessel that would hold the data…

Schiff Vitamins Glucosamine - 2000 mg - 150 Tablets - Glucosamine helps support cartilage and maintain structural integrity of joints and connective tissue. Good for: Joint Glucosamine is a building block for joint fluid cartilage ligaments tendons membranes and blood vessels. Schiffs Glucosamine 2000mg contains twice the amount of glucosamine per pill as some other leading brands. Schiff uses Glucosamine Hydrochloride (HCl) which has the highest potency of active Glucosamine among…

Day 12... Where to start! In the past coal mines produced usable gas as a by product. The solution was to build gasometers; large storage vessels that would collect excess gas for later use. Inside the 110m plus tall structure is a disc which is free to move up and down. Gas is pumped into the main chamber and the disc rises or falls depending on how much gas is beneath it. The disk is weighted in order to provided enough pressure on the outlet lines. This particular gasometer was bombed…

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