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    50 Rhinestone Nail Art Ideas

    Here are nails done in various shades of purple. A special seal leaves the glitter gel on one nail of both hands.

    15034721_1283456168351483_1827978337906065408_n.jpg (1080×1349)

    Shining ox blood nail inspirational fashion

    around me the world was sinking deeper and deeper into a storm of blood and madness. - Umberto Eco, The Name of the Rose

    de PetHelpful

    Lessons From a Groomer: Nail Clipping, Ear Cleaning, & Baths

    In this lesson I will describe clipping the nails, cleaning the ears and giving the bath. Nail clipping is hard to describe, but I will do my best. All dogs have a blood vessel inside their nails called the "quick". For dogs with white nails you...

    OPI William tell me !

    I don't know how to hot wire a car or build a fire from nothing. But my heart... my soul... I can handle anything. I'll show you how you can too.

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