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Super produção ... A VIAGEM ... Tem novo poster com cena adicional ...

We loved her on Ugly Betty. We adored her in the two Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies. And tonight's premiere of America Ferrera's new NBC sitcom, Superstore, will keep that girl crush burning strong. In Superstore, Ferrera—who is also a producer on the show—plays Amy, an employee at a megastore called Cloud 9. Her character is real and no-nonsense—just like we like Ferrera—but her pared-down beauty look doesn't do her magnificent hair any favors. Don't let "Amy&q...

Will you side with good or evil?

Books, cheese, tea, love, the sky, clouds, flowers, trees, grass, lakes, bunnies, warm blankets, dancing, hugs, smiles, kisses, people that care, art, movies, rain, phones, computers, ice cream, pillows, beds, travels, air, the sun and the moon, hope and you all exist. | 12 Very Obvious Facts That Will Make You Strangely Happy

Zhou Xun and Donna Bae in Cloud Atlas

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"A Viagem" (Cloud Atlas - 2013)

El atlas de las nubes

cloud atlas

The @selkirktangiers helicopter dropped us off on that far ridge in front of me, and we hiked for 6km up and down the ridges around Ghost Peak, at 7500ft (2400mt). We crossed over a small glacier, along crumbling rock cliffs, and eventually down a steep hill to an alpine meadow. It all ended in a movie scene getaway, when the clouds opened up and rain started to pour as the helicopter swooped down to pick us up. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday. @HelloBC @aqwaterproof

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