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How to Draw Realistic Roses

How do you draw a rose? Drawing instructions for beginners step by step.

Colored Pencil Techniques: How to Paint Texture

Learn how to paint textures using these easy colored pencil techniques to paint a donkey's fur and glass bottles.

Como desenhar uma maçã verde com lápis de cor (abrir)

Creating Skin Tones With Colored Pencils

Creating human skin tones with colored pencils can be one of the most intimidating subjects to tackle. These tips and tutorial will have you confidently shading your portraits in no time!

Learn how to color with colored pencils your fashion sketches and designs. Easy to follow 7 tips to improve your coloring technique and let you draw better

this is a really good visual of the qualities of colored pencils - they are essentially colored wax.

Drawing Basics, Free Lesson, Mark & Mary Willenbrink

Drawing Nature for a Beginner

Pet Portrait Drawing Techniques: How to Draw Dogs

Join and Carrie Stuart Parks to learn how to draw dogs and other realistic pet portraits.