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12 Books to Read in 2016

Summer will be here before you know it & for us, the season brings lots of traveling. We will be hitting the beach & visiting family all summer long. If there’s one thing that I need while I am traveling, it’s a well-loaded Kindle. I have spent some time this past week researching books & …

Top 10+Tools for Teaching Fidgety Kids

Teaching fidgety kids requires patience, and research.You need tools to help him learn, but that will not distract siblings. Tools for teaching fidgety kids can help

5th Grade Math Enrichment Weekly Research Projects For the Entire Year

5TH GRADE MATH ENRICHMENT RESEARCH PROJECTS FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR FOR EARLY FINISHERS! A SIMPLE WAY TO ADD CHALLENGE AND RIGOR WITH LITTLE TEACHER PREP! AN EXCELLENT WAY TO PROMOTE TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASSROOM! Adding enrichment to your classroom shouldn’t have to be time consuming and difficult to manage. This program is easy to manage and extremely rewarding for your students. I began using the weekly “Math Research Projects” strategy last year in my classroom and I’m happy to make it...$

Want to travel and volunteer abroad in 2016? Check out these recommended programs...

17 Questions With Josh Hutcherson!

How old were you when you had your first kiss? I was 11 years old. -

6 Positive Life Challenges to Tackle in the New Year

6 Positive Life Challenges to Tackle in the New Year: You may have completed at least one of your resolutions this year, but for those who have not, don't worry.

Stop Being Perfect. Practice Gratitude. Love Wholeheartedly. You'll Be So Glad You Did.

Brene Brown ~ really long (20 mins), but ReEaALLY good talk about life & happiness & all that jazz.

F.E.A.R- False Evidence Appearing Real

FEAR- one of those things that some of us allow to control every part of our lives. Sure, it’s completely normal to have a certain amount of fear, it keeps us safe from “real” da…

6 Things To Do Before The Year Ends So You're Ready To Welcome January In

The end of the year is an exciting time for many of us, often because we're obsessed with the idea of a fresh start. But before we can do that, there are certain things to do before the year ends. Although any moment can bring new beginnings, there's