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Rose flowers are a lovely aromatic medicine - both the flower buds and the petals can be used as a tea to treat stress, anxiety, grief, sore gums, and heat and inflammation in the digestive tract. The leaves and flowers can be used topically as a compress to soothe inflammatory skin conditions and treat infections. Only use unsprayed plants || from the Chestnut School on Instagram

Rose: Herbs We Love For Summer | Herbal Academy of New England

Mimosa's pink flowers and bark are medicinal, and used in Chinese medicine to treat anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia. Its traditional name translates to collective happiness bark || The Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine

How to make Arnica ointment. Great information on acute injury treatment & how arnica works.

Trill Farm, Devon. SUMMER HERBAL REMEDIES. Old English Elderflower and Peppermint Tea. A traditional old country recipe using a refreshing, decongestant combination of ingredients http://www.organicholidays.com/at/2808.htm

St. Joan's/John's wort is prepared with oil or alcohol. Tincture of St. Joan's wort not only lends one a sunny disposition, it reliably relieves muscle aches, is a powerful anti-viral, and is my first-choice treatment for those with shingles, sciatica, backpain, neuralgia, and headaches including migraines. The usual dose is 1 dropperful as frequently as needed. I use it as a sunscreen. St. Joan's wort does not cause sun sensitivity, it prevents it. Eases sore muscles, too. - Susun Weed


Anti inflammatory and skin healing comfrey ointment

5 Herbs for Skin Creams from About.com (aloe, borrage, calendula, chamomile, comfrey)

7 Herbal Preparations to make with your Kids

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