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Coisas de criança!: A Galinha Ruiva.

The Field Museum in Chicago is much more than a Museum. It's a living library. Field Museum scientists study the Earth and it's people. This board focuses on Earth's Systems and the scientists who study it. #ngss #ess

Curious about project based learning in a primary classroom? My students raised money to make a difference in our school community. Here's my project based leaning experience in a 2nd grade classroom. How to's, mistakes, and my story.

Here are all the people and resources mentioned in Episode 47 of the Techlandia podcast our interview with Amber Teamann.

This versatile suite of technology can serve as an amazing resource to create greater opportunities for collaboration and communication with staff, and can provide the same benefits for adults that offer our students.

12 Must Watch TED Talks for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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When Grading Harms Student Learning

Instead of issuing zeros, penalizing late work, and grading formative assessments, teachers should make the classroom a place of hope instead of fear.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Awesome Visual Featuring The 7 Signs of Professional Learning

Another view of Skills needed: Project Consulting Instructional Design Visual Design Experience Design (UI + Graphic Design) Expertise with your Authoring Tool Understand common eLearning Tech (be familiar with it)