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Explora Falta De Energia, Obrigado Notas e outros!

Power outage at the office means this week's thank you notes are being written by candlelight! - Lizzie ✒️ #marketcolors


Laura Brouwers @cyarine Lack of energy du...Instagram photo

Laura Brouwers @cyarine Lack of energy du...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

The Secret ~ Law of Attraction

CLICK HERE for more tips on the Adrenal #Fatigue #Diet

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Just stumbled across this cool page for Gabby Bernstein

Gabrielle Bernstein on Twitter / Instagram

greed, for lack of a better term, is good

The Best Supplements to Fight Fatigue #sleep #energy #fatigue
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Get More Energy: The Best Supplements to Fight Fatigue

The Best Supplements to Fight Fatigue #sleep #energy #fatigue

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12 Green Megastructures for an Eco-Fantastic Future

Imagine using massive underwater skyscrapers to filter debris from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The ‘Lady Landfill Skyscraper’ has 3 main functions: trash collectors at the bottom, a recycling plant in the center and housing and recreation above the surface of the sea. The waste would be heated in the recycling chamber and converted into a gas which could then be stored in huge battery-like structures and used as energy. Concept by Milorad Vidojević, Jelena Pucarević, Milica Pihler…

It's easy to forget about someone when you cannot see their face. The other day I was chatting with a friend and I said "show me your face". I needed to "feel" him. The only memory I had of feeling his energy was almost 1 year ago and I needed an image to attach to the words. I needed to feel his energy through his eyes. People become strangers without a voice or image of them in the flesh to see their warmth and light or lack there of. Out of sight out of mind. #morningswithvava Dress…

If they lack character and depth, they deserve none of you or what you have to offer the world. Shallow and pretentious pretentious people are creators of their own misery, unable to accept themselves or others.