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Whether allowing for student choice or assigning partners, mixing up partners or groups for assignments can be crucial to assignment completion. Several options for group formation are presented in this board.

How To Differentiate For Your High Achievers - Ideas for easily differentiating instruction for stronger students.

Wonderful and creative ideas for my classroom.

Literacy & Math Ideas: Free Student Self Monitoring Forms

Now, what I love about this method of exit tickets is the self-evaluating the students have to do in placing their sticky note on the stop light. They have to decide how they feel about their level of understanding. And guess what? The students are almost always accurate!! They pretty much "hit the nail on the head" when they take this type of ownership in their learning.

In this pack you will find everything you need to help you get started with RTI. There are several forms including: RtI Description and Informaiton on each Tier, Additional Resources Page, Status of the Class Form, Possible Student in Need Form, Data Form for Assessments, Individual Student Action Plan, 2 different forms for documentation, list of sample options for changes in intervention, and a lesson plan template designed for the Tiered Model of RtI.

Spiral teaching is an important part of my classroom. Learn about spiraling in math, reading, grammar, centers, homework, and more. (The homework is a lifesaver!)

Exactly right! They all see it! They are not stupid! They don't have a PH.D. for no reason. My teacher said this to a student the other day, and it was AWESOME!!!

Eight ways to differentiate worksheets in your classroom. The last one has been a life saver, and is very empowering for the students!

Following Directions

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