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How to Have an Out of Body Experience                                                                                                                                                                                 More
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How to Have an Out of Body Experience

How to Have an Out of Body Experience More

Are you curious about Astral Projection or having an Out Of Body Experience (OOBE)? The following are 30 innovative techniques for inducing astral projections and OOBE's!

Out of body...traveling to another dimension Scientists at Harvard now believe when dreaming we travel to alternative universe.

Crystals for Astral Travel — Ametrine, Angelite, Apophyllite, and Sapphire can assist you with astral travel (also known as astral projection or out of body experiences). Work with while meditating or sleeping (if desired). — Related Chakras: Third Eye and Crown

Hedge Riders: "Through the Veil," by SteveGriffith, at deviantART. #Astral #Travel. Spirit dream art

Infographic on astral projection. Easy steps to have your first out-of-body experience today. Learn more on #infographic #astralprojection #outofbodyexperience

Astral Projection / Out-of-body experiences can occur when the third eye chakra is clear and well balanced. Head to for more ideas, tips, techniques and info on #AstralProjection and #LucidDreaming


Out of body experience…

Out of body experience…techniques -- -- Please click here to learn about techniques for #AstralProjection and #LucidDreaming