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Brasília Roadrunners

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Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "Redesign Sorvete GUDE DOCE | Trabalho Acadêmico" http://be.net/gallery/47213117/Redesign-Sorvete-GUDE-DOCE-Trabalho-Academico

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Super cute outfit for work. A bit casual, but good thing my job doesn't require business attire

Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "My Font job" http://be.net/gallery/48911853/My-Font-job

Lionel Portier, França Confira mais trabalhos aqui. [Zupi] Tell us a bit about your professional life since you were a student? I started to do free lance jobs during my 2 last years of studies bac…

Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "Redesign Marca PAN KENNEDY | Trabalho Acadêmico" http://be.net/gallery/47760107/Redesign-Marca-PAN-KENNEDY-Trabalho-Academico

I'll never forget that bittersweet feeling of holding that beautiful cosmetology license in my hand. All my hard work had paid off and it was time to leave the safe bubble of school and step out in to the scary cold real world. I had already landed my dream job but I knew that was the tip of the iceberg in my journey to become successful in the industry. My mind was spinning and I was overwhelmed thinking about the uncertain future laying out ahead of me.

's new edit once again after a long time I really miss editing and bc of that, I'll post the edit which reverse of my previous post, the Ladynette/Maribug version soon I hope you loke this one ~♡~ This week will be full of school works, plus duty on my job training (it is on my story lol). And bc of that I'll not be active and I'll be extra busy So tom is Sunday, instead of restday I will do many schoolworks with groupmates. But I'll try my best to be here and I really miss you all

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