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El indicador Ventas de Casas Nuevas (New Home Sales) de Estados Unidos es un indicador económico que mide las ventas de viviendas de nueva construcción. Se trata de un dato publicado mensualmente, que siempre hace referencia al mes previo en el que la Oficina de censo de Estados Unidos (United States Census Bureau) emite el informe.

What had began as a few stories of houses and stores, as extra space for the ever-growing city, began to take a life of its own, building upon one story and another, toppling and sprawling, criss-crossing into a maze of pathways, a hidden knowledge known only to the inhabitance of what had become known as the "Sprawl". Jamie had never known any other place but these streets and sky-reaching buildings as his home.

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Artritis, tratamiento natural con jugo de papa

La Artritis es una enfermedad progresiva que hace referencia a deformaciones en las articulaciones con presencia de inflamaciones generadoras de un intenso dolor que afecta la vida cotidiana. Los remedios naturales son una buena opción como tratamiento de la Artritis para mitigar el dolor y frenar la degeneración de las articulaciones. SIGUE LEYENDO EN:

MJ sat in the middle of the room with a cigarette dangling from her fingertips. She stared out the window and sighed. Another police car just drove past the window. She brought the cigarette up to her lips and inhaled. For the past three nights the small abandoned house had been her home. She needed some time away from everyone. The voices were getting to be too much. (KLK)

Maisonnette Multifunctional Furniture by Simone Simonelli Caroline Williamson, Home Furnishings The Maison­nette (mean­ing “small house” in French) series is prac­ti­cal, quirky, and just down­right fun. The col­lec­tion of mobile stor­age pieces was designed by Ital­ian design­e …

Apple Chart // ILLUSTRATION // 11x14

Apple Chart // ILLUSTRATION by elizabethperson on Etsy, $40.00