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Os mestres quase invisíveis da camuflagem

Graças à seleção natural das espécies, com o passar de milhares de anos alguns animais descobriram que brincar de “esconde-esconde” na natureza

Peltigera venosa Lichen and Moss ~ By Ken-ichi Ueda

Okra seed and pod


Nolid moth caterpillar, side view. This species of caterpillar grows an enlarged, green coloured, section of abdomen which overlaps its actual head.

Can you spot the predator? Masters of disguise blend into the background to survive kill-or-be-killed world

Nothing out of the ordinary: A Leaf mimic katydid makes an uncanny addition to this group of leaves

Stinging Nettle Slug Caterpillar (Cup Moth, Limacodidae) "Green Marauder" by itchydogimages, via Flickr


Bird dropping spider (Cyrtarachne fangchengensis). During the day this species rests under leaves. Its body pattern mimics a bird dropping, attracting small flying insects...

Nymph of a Leafhopper


The body markings and texture of the Pasilobus spider provide some camouflage by mimicking the appearance of bird dung.