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you are beautiful!

Weekly Workout Plan

*dammit just thinkin bout it makes me sweat.. but for the love of having a great body, I CAN DO THIS!!!

2017 Budget Binder – free worksheets

2017 Budget Binder - Get Your Finances in Order

Purple Petals Macro photography ( I hope I can manage to paint petals like it

great idea for homeschool stuff for toddlers:),,,,I just pinned this because I liked the month binders for special activities for the family to do for fun. I can see the calendar pieces/titles and seasonal books also going inside these binders somehow

I'm pretty sure I broke the shower head off of that shower. Stone shower–

“Don’t throw anything, you will never know when you will need it” This is what my mother and grandmother always told me. I can say now that I finally saw the real benefit of that. Did you know that you could transform an old flat tire into great outdoor chair? – You had no idea right? I was surprised how easy this is. I think you would like to try it right after you see the picture. There are even more interesting ideas you can use to transform and upgrade everything you have at your home…

This product is great for teaching about growth mindset. I used in conjuction with the book "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds and discussed with my students how changing something as simple as our words could change our whole outlook on things and ensure that we stay life-long learners.

How to Photograph Fireworks

so, not baby themed, but photography tricks none-the-less. How to Photograph Fireworks. Great tips!

Follow Emily’s Fitness Journey & Get Inspired!

Made a motivation wall so I can keep my eyes on goal everyday! I made a countdown to my goal weight and the different color ones are the mini goals the first is 23 lbs because after that I will no longer be in the obese category and coming from the extreme obese category I am so excited to lose these 23 lbs!!