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Extended Side Angle Pose with block - Utthita Parsvakonasana

Common Shoulder Stretching Exercises |

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Do This One Simple Exercise to Correct Your Body Posture

Body posture is important for your health than for the way you look. A poor posture can weaken your back and core muscles and lead to serious back pain!

Right twist with right leg bent - Marichyasana right - Yoga Poses |

ૐ YOGA ૐ Virabhadrasana I ૐ Postura del Guerrero |

Common Shoulder Stretching Exercises |

yoga pose to open hip flexor and quad plus upper thoracic spine (eventually triceps against the wall and grab your toes)

Lotus in shoulderstand - Padma Sarvangasana - Yoga Poses |

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Exercises to Improve Flexibility and Movement Precision of Your Back & Spine, Part 1

Conditioning the Spine Previously we had a chance to introduce a number of exercises to bring relief to your back and spine and improve your posture. We continue by starting a series of exercises aimed at improving the overall flexibility of your back and spine and increasing movement precision. Anybody who tends to sit a lot will …