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It's amazing how a short walk in nature can set you up for the day #inspired

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Me on the Map ~ Map Skills

Map skills ~Differentiated! US Geography Activity for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade! Create a super cute 7 page "Me on the Map" ~ map skills ~ geography book. This helps teach some of the most basic "must know" geography! I have included 2 versions: A guideline font with dotted words to trace AND a version for differentiation with just blank guidelines for more experienced writers.**Updated 2/28/2016**Step-by-step directions and pictures can be seen on my blog:Me on the Map…

Hi Im Shirley Anne people call me Shir . Most days you can find me with my kiddos at home probably in my pj's or yoga pants at family activities (with the yoga pants) and taking pictures (and at my full-time weekday job ). I am a very social person and will always greet anyone with a smile. I love serving the world by being an advocate for those that are in disadvantage (I am a Social Worker ). I am passionate about social needs empowered births and pregnancies breastfeeding natural beauty…

I don't remeber the exact moment I realised that being a world traveleradventurer and explorer is my dream. Probably it happened when I was 9 and I've got my first copy of the National Geographic magazine. Or probably it was when I turned 13 and I saw the Italian Alps for the first time. It might have very well happened much later - when I went to Sicily for the first time at 19 - it was my first trip abroad alone and it led me to many discoveries. In any case I cannot imagine my life…

Click the picture to check out my twitter account where I regularly share updates about my blog and make a lot of tweets and retweet about events, news, or random stuff happening in the world of anime.

Não há fórmula matemática nem uma poção mágica que ajude na hora de manter a criatividade fluindo .Todas as pessoas que vivem do meio criativo passam por momentos de “brancos”, ou em que nada parece estar bom o suficiente, nenhuma...

This book could be used in science as an introduction to a lesson on light and shadow. It could also be used in a social studies unit celebrating differences and similarities between children from different cultures.

This is a 27 slide PowerPoint that introduces the Holocaust to students in an easy to understand format. The ten most frequently asked questions by students are answered with pictures and graphs included to aid comprehension. A vocabulary activity is included as well. My students enjoy this as we share an open class discussion on the topics presented!

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Five for Friday- April 4th

This is another good Earth Day activity for my students to understand that their actions have an impact on the world.