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It's amazing how a short walk in nature can set you up for the day #inspired

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19 Pictures That Sum Up How Absolutely Ridiculous It Is Finding A Job

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An Insight Into the Royal Chateau of the Loire Valley

VERSAILLES_La Cour de Marbre, accès restreint au Roi, à la Famille Royale et aux Ducs et Pairs de France. More

Sunset at Watergate Bay, Newquay - my favourite place in the whole world

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The 20 Things You Need To Let Go To Be Happy

#ellielee-I was a canvas. Skin so pale it was almost transparent, lines of blue and purple crossed over and branched off like the markings on a map directing my blood flow. I was a canvas. Staring at my veins I feel concealed and restrained, I'm a prisoner in my own body forced to wake up and go about my daily hell whilst the world mistakes me as part of it's scenery. I am irrelevant, apart of a chain moulded by society. I am told what I can and can't feel and so I am happy, I don't feel…

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Tony S Daniel on

"My upcoming #SUPERMANWONDERWOMAN Selfie variant cover." Tony Daniels

The word lady is a civil term of respect for a woman, specifically the female equivalent to gentleman or lord, and in many contexts a term for any adult woman. Once confined to usage when specifically addressing women of high social class or status; over the last 300 years, the term has spread to embrace every adult woman.

I expect it to be more like "The best goddamn country in the world hahaha screw you commies I'M THE HERO"

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Kerry Park

Kerry Park is a perfect place to view the skyline of Seattle, by day or night. Parking is not very fun and there are tourists aplenty but worth it. Especially if it is a very clear day because if it is, the specular Mt. Rainier graces your photo with its beauty to the right. My aunt told me the roof of the Space Needle was recently painted to mimic its original color from the 1962 World's Fair. Someday I would like to take a time lapse video of the Space Needle spinning around at…

I am part tomato Europe and part potato Europe. I feel so divided. I love both. How will I survive?