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Persephone is the Greek goddess of flowers and was so lighthearted, people called her the maiden of spring. But one day while she was picking flowers, Hades captured her and took her to the Underworld. Demeter made a deal with Hades so that Persephone could live in between the Underworld and above.

Hecate From Percy Jackson | Hécate:na mitologia grega, é uma divindade, filha dos titãs Perses ...

Amazon Preparing for Battle (Queen Antiope or Hippolyta?) or Armed Venus, by Pierre-Eugene-Emile Hebert, 1860, bronze. National Gallery of Art, Washington DC. Mooncalled Photography, via Flickr | Greek mythology | 19th century Neoclassical art

Ixtab- Mayan myth: the goddess of suicide, mostly by hanging. Suicide by hanging in Mayan culture was considered an honorable way to die, so this goddess would guide suicide victims to paradise to join others who have died in battle or during childbirth. She was depicted as a woman with a rope tied around her neck.

Selene - The goddess of the Moon, with her cloak billowing above her head. #Greek #mythology #Luna #Diana

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Atena: Deusa da guerra, da civilização, da estratégia, da sabedoria e da habilidade. Filha de Zeus e Métis, a titã da sabedoria. Teve um nascimento singular. Nasceu da cabeça de Zeus e preparad…

Unknown artist, Statue of Cybele (Roman Marble 1st-2nd centuries). Cybele, considered one of the most important Roman Goddesses, was the patron of nature and fertility. Attis, the god of vegetation and the consort to Cybele had unmanned himself after realizing that he no longer loved Cybele. She presided over mountains and fortresses; therefore, her crown consists of a city wall.

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Artemis - moon goddess, midwife, healer using herbs, protector of childbearing woman, warrior goddess.