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greek goddess rhea | greek goddess rhea

Amazon Preparing for Battle (Queen Antiope or Hippolyta?) or Armed Venus, by Pierre-Eugene-Emile Hebert, 1860, bronze. National Gallery of Art, Washington DC. Mooncalled Photography, via Flickr | Greek mythology | 19th century Neoclassical art

Bastet - Solid cast bronze statue of the cat goddess, Egypt 664-332 BC Musée du Louvre, Paris - France

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Apate was a deity in Greek mythology, the personification of deceit. Her mother was Nyx, the primordial goddess of night, and her father was Erebos, the personification of darkness. She was the sister of Geras, Oizys, Moros, Momos , Eris, Nemesis and Keres. When the box of Pandora was opened, Apate was one of the evil spirits that came out of it. Her male counterpart was Dolos.

Rhea was the Titaness daughter of the sky god Uranus and the earth goddess Gaia, in Greek mythology.