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The Citrus Guy: Up Against The Wall

Rustic Standing Desk, Stand-up Desk, 100% Reclaimed Wood, Any Size, Ergonomic Office Furniture More and more research is showing that sitting for

Scientists Just Discovered A New State Of Water!

imagens do espaço - Pesquisa Google

imagens do espaço - Pesquisa Google

Quatro pontos para entender a descoberta que confirma teoria de Einstein e muda modo como vemos Universo

A confirmação da existência das ondas gravitacionais, previstas por Albert Einstein em abre inúmeras frentes de pesquisa no campo da astrofísica. As sutis flutuações detectadas carregam os segredos que podem ser a chave para a compreensão do Universo.

Poster for Palatino typeface

Pluto bright spots prove the planet's not done surprising us - CNET Plutos world isnt as frozen in time as we may have previously thought. NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI Pluto continues to show us its demotion from our solar systems ninth planet to just another dwarf planet may be one of the greatest insults the galaxy has ever seen. On Tuesday researchers working with data from the New Horizons spacecraft that…

April 13, 2012 -- Astrophotographer Alan Friedman captured this gorgeous portrait of the sun on April 7 from his home in Buffalo, NY, using a backyard solar telescope and a new Grasshopper CCD camera by Point Grey Research. Viewed in a wavelength emitted by hydrogen alpha (Ha) the sun's surface details become visible, showing the complex texture of our home star's true face.