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"The Rebirth of Punk". Reinterpretation of Michelangelo`s sculpture "Dying Slave" by Fernando Carpaneda

Piss In The Face Of Convention! A life of paint,sex and rock `n` roll. 240 pages, 34 pictures. By Fernando Carpaneda.


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The Art of Fernando Carpaneda by Nicholas Forrest. I sometimes come across artists that I just have to let the world know about and Fernando Carpaneda is one of those artists, but be warned, because Carpaneda’s work is very confronting and will be not be to everyone’s taste. Those willing to keep an open mind and explore Carpaneda’s work will be glad they did because he is a truly amazing artist. A brave artist too. Brave enough to use rent boys, thieves, punks, goths, homeless people, and…

'PISS IN THE FACE OF CONVENTION! A life of paint, sex and rock `n` roll'. The very first time I met Fernando Carpaneda was in 2005, in an art group exhibition at the former CBGB club, in the city of New York. I was already familiar with parts of his work since it had been surrounded with so much politics and religion controversy in our country Brazil. Carpaneda is this giant man with very calm gestures, and an extremely polite tone of voice wrapped by a mature wit, he is responsible for…


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Ever since junior high Spanish class I have liked Botero...who knows why.

Work in Progress by Fernando Carpaneda.