Explora India, Sul Da Índia e outros!

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Experience the richness of the royal heritage of ancient India in God’s own country, Kerala with Kerala Holiday Packages. http://southindia7.webnode.com/blog/

Ancient Tanjore Hindu temple, India. #Hindu #architecture

experience the splendor and receive the blessings of Gods and Goddesses in the southern Province of India by visiting some of its ancient revered temples with intricate carvings.

Ancient ruins. Hampi.

Ernakulam, India

Explore the backwaters in Kerala, nestled in the south western part of India, this beautiful city is also acknowledged as God’s own country.

Mt. Hatta, Iceland

Ellora caves in India.These 34 monasteries and temples were dug side by side in the wall of a high basalt cliff. Ellora, with its uninterrupted sequence of monuments dating from A.D. 600 to 1000, brings the civilization of ancient India to life. Its sanctuaries devoted to Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism, illustrate the spirit of tolerance that was characteristic of ancient India.

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