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Na Espanha, ativistas trocam de lugar com animais em bandejas de carne | Mistureba

Vegan inspiration #vegan # meme #inpiration

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Know Your Cuts Of Meat

join the never ending fight against animal cruelty. #wouldyoueatyourdog?

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save water, save the environment (animal agriculture pollutes the environment), make the connection, please go #vegan

Where does the animal we love and the animal we eat end and begin? Look closely...animals are my friends and I don't eat my friends

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The Seven Cruelest—and Legal—Abuses of Animals in the U.S.

Animals know what's happening to them at a slaughterhouse. "They cry like babies" says one slaughterhouse worker.

Tatia Kennedy Cow crying on truck to slaughter house. I will never get this out of my mind. It'll stay with me forever. Poor animal souls. It's heartbreaking to the core.