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Na Espanha, ativistas trocam de lugar com animais em bandejas de carne | Mistureba

Eat with compassion

SISTERHOOD What a beautiful world this would be if all women would stand together this strong. We all come from the Goddess. The Divine Mother. Pachamama. Nature's Divas. Earth Fairies. Flower Babes. Forest Maidens. You shave? Great. You dont? Awesome! You live in the city? Or in the woods? You wear lipstick? Or you go all natural? Are those heels high or flat? Tattoos or not vegan or meat eater. What it all comes down to is LOVE. You are from the Goddess. / Insight <3

Tatia Kennedy Cow crying on truck to slaughter house. I will never get this out of my mind. It'll stay with me forever. Poor animal souls. It's heartbreaking to the core.

Where does the animal we love and the animal we eat end and begin? Look closely...animals are my friends and I don't eat my friends

STOP Yulin Festival 2016! Thousands Of Pets Will Be Inhumanely Destroyed! | PetitionHub.org

Don't let China host the 2019 World Dog Show unless it stops Yulin's dog-meat festivals!

Artwork: "BP Burns Turtles" by Prestigious Award-Winning Vegan Artist Sue Coe

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