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"A Guerra dos Tronos": Onde é que íamos mesmo? | SAPO Mag

How I make $400 for one hour of work. (Steal my idea!)

Even if you’re not techie, or not into websites, check out this post. This just may spark a great money-generating business idea for you! Today I want to show you how you can use websites lik…

Have always liked the song but since Supernatural it's taken on a whole new MEANING!!

The Ghostfacers went on to form Nightvale.

I just finished this and it was really good, especially if you like historical fiction and magic.

Always that one person...

Just Imagine GIF hahaha I don't know about a just imagine for me but someone should write a fanfic of this or there should be an episode near the end of the show with this... but... but that would mean... he turns out just like John... NOPE nevermind forget what I said im going to forget I ever had that thought NOPE NOPE NOPE


"Yellow Fever" Check out my feelings about the writers...

Living the Dream of Owning a B&B

Living the dream of owning a B & B... Entrepreneurs fantasize about running a quaint bed-and-breakfast. Sometimes it works out—and sometimes it doesn't.