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ENEMOTOS: Passeios para quadriciclos e UTVs são opções no fe...

ECG - 1st Degree Heart Block

Nearly 3.4 million Americans suffer from memory loss and another 5.4 million Americans over the age of 70 suffer from memory loss that impacts their ability to live independently. Memory loss is described as unusual forgetfulness or amnesia, which effects the ability to remember new events, recall past events or both. Some memory loss may be short term or transient. However, prolonged or worsening memory loss may be associated with an organic disease such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

ResearchSpeak: Do my MS lesions have a iron halo? MS lesions with an iron halo are slowly expanding and destructive#ResearchSpeak #MSBlog #MSResearch "Danny Reich from the NIH visited our centre a few weeks ago and gave us wonderful talk on the slowly eroding chronic expanding MS lesion. He showed us convincing data on how it differs from other lesions that regress over time. The expanding lesions has a rim of macrophages/microglia on their edges that are actively phagocytosing or eating…

During pregnancy the placenta gives your baby nutrition, produces hormones, provides oxygen and removes waste. But it does not stop there! There are number of reasons NOT to immediately clamp the cord at birth, namely resuscitation.

FDA warns of risk tied to ADHD drug and prolonged erections

GM Will Insure Loaner Cars for Ignition-Switch Recall

Pirelli recalls P Zero All Season tires

Double Camel, Lionshead Specialty recall tubeless trailer tires. The tires may fail under prolonged use.

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The CPSC officially recalls all Note 7

The CPSC officially recalls all Note 7 devices, citing 23 new reports since first recall | TechCrunch