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Explora Antiga Vila, Da Antiga e outros!

Associação alerta para degradação do património da antiga vila do Jarmelo, Guarda

Tresminas e Las Médulas, minas romanas a escavar um destino comum

Antiga mina a céu aberto em Leão é património da Humanidade, e aceita alargar essa protecção ao complexo mineiro de Vila Pouca de Aguiar.

Archaeologist uncovers 'the world's oldest drawings'

An Iranian archaeologist has discovered what he believes could be some of the oldest rock etchings on the planet. The markings, which have only been seen by a few people, were discovered by Dr Mohammed Naserifard among a rock formation outside the town of Khomeyn in western Iran. The professor believes etchings found at the top of an untouched hillside could be tens of thousands of years old.

Arqueólogos espanhóis desenterraram uma múmia com três mil anos, em "muito boa condição", na antiga cidade egípcia de Luxor. Foi assim que o Ministério das Antiguidades do Egipto anunc

A muralha e a Porta da Vila, tal como existiria no século XV, com uma ponte sobre a antiga Ribeira dos Touros, hoje tapada

Midsummer monument: the sacred stones of Portugal's Stonehenge

Midsummer monument: the sacred stones of Portugal's Stonehenge - via The Independent 17.06.2016 | Two thousand years older than the Wiltshire stone circle, the Cromlech of the Almendres is one of the largest megalithic sites in Europe – and it's perfectly positioned to celebrate the solstice

Beautifully preserved: A 3,000-year-old lost world has been unearthed

Scientists are excavating the best-preserved Bronze Age village ever found in the UK, located in the marshlands of eastern Britain, at a site dubbed Must Farm. Pictured is a replica of a Bronze Age house that shares similarities with two ancient dwellings at the site, which stood on stilts.

English DNA 'one-third' Anglo-Saxon

The present-day English owe about a third of their ancestry to the Anglo-Saxons, according to two new studies.

Humans on Okinawa since 35,000 YA. Previously thought to have lived spartan lives, now it appears they did just fine with fish and crustaceans. I'm not sure why this is surprising. Maybe the enduring misconception that life before agriculture and civilization was just scraping by.

Sir David Attenborough narrates this violent and bloody natural history video recording the disturbing scenes of a real Chimpanzee territorial attack. Truly ...