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(grey) 2pcs Stove Top Shelf Organizer Silicone Magnetic Spice Rack Anti

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Feature:1. EXTRA STORAGE AND DISPLAY SPACE: The oven rack provides additional storage and display space for your seasonings and condiments. 2. EASY INSTALLATION ON STOVE: No need for special adhesives or drilling holes on the kitchen wall. Simply place this magnetic rack on the stove and it will cling. 3. DETACHABLE GREASE BOARD: The rack is detachable, making it convenient for easy cleaning or rinsing in the kitchen. 4. SILICONE MATERIAL: Made of premium silicone material, the oven top shelf withstands high temperatures, rust resistant, reusable, proof, and does not deform or damage after use. 5. ENHANCED SAFETY AND ORGANIZATION: Features a raised non slip stripe design, thickened material, and vertical grooves to prevent condiment bottles from falling and for easy storage and organizatio
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