Contact Us Payment Delivery Returns Policy Terms & Conditions Feedback Lockwood Dial Conversion Kits (Km/H to MPH / MPH to Km/h) Application: Mercedes C / E-Class Specific Compatibility Notes: N/A Dial Face Colour: Black Night-Time Illumination: As standard Manufacturer's Part Number: C194 NOTE: Lockwood Dial Conversion Kits are produced for imported vehicles requiring conversion to an MPH speedometer scale and those being exported from the UK requiring conversion to Km/h. It is absolutely vital that great care is taken to identify the correct dials; often there are only very small variations that are to be noted in order to determine the correct part - this may be a single warning icon or a specific figure at which the speedo starts. We encourage a photograph to be taken of the existing f Black Night, Blackest Night, Colour Black, Night Time, Vehicles, Black