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Lounging in the garden relaxing under a tree hearing the wind through the bamboo.

Haworthia Venosa Tessellata Found throughout central-southern Africa and Namibia Tessellata is a widespread species that grows around bushes and rocky areas. It is a proliferous plant forming clusters of fleshy leaves arranged in spirals. The firm leaves are broadly triangular recurved (bending backwards) brownish to green cuspidate (terminating at a point) and marked with vertical lines that form a squarish patterned design. It's a very variable species with there being at least 25…

Agave potatorum hails from the semi-arid highlands of Mexico in altitudes between 4000 and 7000 feet in Puebla and Oaxaca and as a result the species is quite variable in form. 'Kichiokan' is thought to be a Japanese cultivar of the species. New sea green coloured leaves emerge with teeth coloured pale orange which then quickly mature to an ornamental deep red in color which lasts a few months and gradually develops into a jet black ending in a vicious large terminal spine…

Anacampseros Marlothii The genus name Anacampseros is thought to originate from the Greek words Anakampto meaning "to recover" and eros meaning "love", due to the fact that plants of this genus were considered to be the key ingredient in African love potions Marlothii is a pretty example of the genus with slightly pointed leaves that turn purpleish when grown in the right amount of light.

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