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Zuikaku's B5N2 photo #5 This photos shows a Zuikaku's shotai (three planes unit) returning to its carrier.

American propaganda poster 'Remember Dec 7th', 1942

Congress established the Joint Committee on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack. Their task was to make a full and complete investigation of the facts relating to the events and circumstances leading up to or following the attack. In its investigation, the committee sought to determine whether shortcomings or failures on the U.S. side might have contributed to the disaster and, if so, to suggest changes that might protect the country from another attack in the future.

President Roosevelt's message conveyed the national outrage over the Pearl Harbor attack by pronouncing December 7, 1941 "a date which will live in infamy."

A USS Arizona survivor salutes the remembrance wall of the USS Arizona during a memorial service for... - Provided by AFP

Torpedo damage to the hull of USS California (BB-44), photographed at the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard in April 1942, soon after the ship had been drydocked for repairs. This is California's forward torpedo hole, centered at about Frame 52. Note armor belt at the top of the hole and bilge keel below it.

USS Northampton CA26 entering Pearl Harbor on December 8, 1941 the day after the Japanese attack. Note smoke thick in the air from ships that are still burning.

https://flic.kr/p/fjtzai | American battleship USS North Carolina BB-55 at Pearl Harbor 16th November 1942. | <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_North_Carolina_" rel="nofollow">en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_North_Carolina_</a>(BB-55)

Japan and Vichy France signed an accord which allowed the Japanese Imperial Army (IJA) to station up to 6,000 troops in Indochina at any given time. The accord was quickly violated. Within days, the Japanese had routed the French defenders, seizing control of Hai Phong and Hanoi but the threat of Soviet, British and American involvement deterred the IJA from moving southward. This soon changed after Germany invaded Russia and Japan began hostilities with the Allies by attacking Pearl…

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