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"The better to see u with my dear!" by MixxedMonster

interesting #typography

Because real love of the bush veld is what makes an African fall in love

Creatures of the infraorder Cetacea vintage inspired by kelzuki

inspiration for silhouette against sunset art

“Flaming light of the summers end, Fearsome grace no mind can comprehend. The Seraph’s song is a thunderous roar, His joy beams bright of the earth to restore. The coal burns hot upon my lips, His love is fierce and my shame eclipsed. To the earth I return and on the soil I stand, For family, foe, and kin I will protect the land.” - The sword of the Seraphim song is a historically inspired yet story-embellished blade, crafted in the overall likeness and shape of some medieval Oakeshott…

Daniela Uhlig

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