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Inanna was the Queen of the Sumerian Pantheon and Goddess of love, fertility and war. Her other names included Ninanna (Queen of the Sky) and as Ninsinanna she was personification of the planet Venus, linked to the morning and evening star. The Babylonians knew her as Ishtar. Sacred marriage rites were performed at the Sumerian New Year. At the ceremony this Goddess would be invoked to bless the couples with fertility.

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Inanna - the Sumerian goddess of love, fertility, and warfare, and goddess of the E-Anna temple at the city of Uruk, her main centre.

Inanna - Sumerian Goddess of Love, Fertility and Transformation by Renée Yates-McElwee #coloringbook

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Inanna – Sumerian Mother Goddess, Queen of Heaven and Earth

Inanna – Sumerian Mother Goddess "The Queen of Heaven". the most important goddess of the Sumerian pantheon in ancient Mesopotamia. She is the goddess of love, fertility, and war. The Akkadians called her Ishtar.