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Elbaite; Paprok, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan

Calcite (Plumbian) with Duftite - Tsumeb, Namibia.

bijoux-et-mineraux: Fluorite and Strontianite

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Dois cristais de quartzo incolor com agulhas Rutile dourados no e dentro deles. existem também chapas de hematite no centro. O rutilo irradia do centro da hematita. Novo Horizonte, Brasil

Smithsonite Tsumeb, Namibia 10cm Brent Lockhart Collection : Smithsonites : Mineral Photographer

This is super cool: "Solid Fordite cabochon, known locally as Detroit Agate. Not an agate at all, though, merely a happy accident! The original material was created many years ago at the Ford Rouge Plant just outside of Detroit, Michigan. Layer upon layer, paint over-spray built up on metal racks that transported new car bodies through the paint shop, and into the oven, where each coat was baked hard...."

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