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Apparently the black #swallowtail caterpillars (papilio polyxenes) in my garden aren't altogether convinced that the approaching season is #fall. Neither am I. With the almost-continuous #rain we've had in the past week it feels more like a second spring. Which might explain why the #caterpillars are having a fennel feast as we speak. #naturephotography #nature_perfection #naturelovers #nature #insects #insectlovers #beautifulinsect #outdoors #gardening #homegrown #pollinators #l4l #l4f #c4c…

You will find me here, relaxing in this Moroccan pool.

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Identifying Wild Mushrooms that are Safe to Eat

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133 Homesteading Skills for the Modern Day Homesteader

133 Homesteading Skills for the Modern Day Homesteader | DIY And Self-Sufficiency Skills For Every Homesteader by Pioneer Settler at

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Do You Have to Refrigerate Eggs

Should you refrigerate eggs? Great-grandma didn't. Here's why

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10 More Wild Plants You Can Eat

10 More Wild Plants You Can Eat (via Survival at Home)

An adorable adult tree house and swing with amazing scenery to admire. ~ETS #swing

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A Monthly Guide to Foraging Wild Food

Coming out of some hard winters in the northern hemisphere, March is the month to begin thinking about foraging again. Stinging nettle at its best early in the year can be found across the planet - & so many wonderful recipes.. pesto, pasta, soup. See a foraging-harvest guide by month (click) - & classes can be found everywhere to help you recognize plants & learn what to do w/ them. A schedule of UK classes:

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Can't Beat 'Em? Eat 'Em! Edible Weeds

Is your yard overrun by dandelions? Purslane? Don’t despair. Enjoy the free…