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Beautiful red from @inshorefisherman on the yak! Give him a follow! #YakTribe #kayakfishing #fishing #kayak #outdoors #redfish by yaktribe

l i l l a b e a✯✯✯ on Instagram: “friends that drive you around and buy you pints of icecream and eat them in south middle's parking lot to watch the sky because the sky has been so beautiful lately are friends worth keeping forever (and ever) (thank you bridget, I love you more than one million Ben and Jerry's)”

Loves_NYC on Instagram: “ NYC P H O T O/ @_b_jaquez S E L E C T E D/ @jennyeolsson A D M I N/ @ro_mguedes #Loves_Team_Contest_2016_10_31 #Loves_NYC__b_jaquez . Thank you so much for following @Loves_NYC and keep tagging #loves_NYC Loves_Team® . F O L L O W U S/ @LOVES_NYC @LOVES_UMBRELLA”

unique cafe, bar style, lights, moodboard wall, romantic feeling, great idea

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When you love your friend but GOSH they are so annoying right now. <3

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