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Explora Acidente De Chernobyl, Chernobyl Pripyat e outros!

Photo by @GerdLudwig published in National Geographic Magazine's "The Nuclear Tourist." In 1986 reactor #4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant blew up. The radioactive fallout spread over thousands of square kilometers driving more than a quarter of a million people permanently from their homes. Trips to the Chernobyl exclusion zone were legalized by the Ukrainian government in 2011. Chernobyl has since become a disaster-tourism destination. The most riveting attraction for visitors is the…

Hidden Beauty, Abandoned, Reclaimed By Nature, Can You See Beyond The Ruins?

Stunning Photos Of Chernobyl 25 Years Later

Twenty-five years later, the empty schoolrooms of Pripyat stand as a testament to the sudden and tragic departure of the city's residents. As nature takes over the abandoned buildings and homes inside the Exclusion Zone, it is a stark contrast to the fear-plagued lives of the people who survived the world's worst nuclear accident.

Abandoned mossy stairs

Pripyat Park is an abandoned amusement park in Ukraine. The tiny amusement park only had about four rides, so really most people never would have heard of the park were it not for the Chernobyl disaster.The park was scheduled to open on May 1, but when the melt down occurred on April 27, it was opened early to entertain the children prior to the citywide evacuation notice. The few hours prior to the evacuation were the entirety of the park’s time in operation.

A look back at the Chernobyl disaster (55 Photos)

Chernobyl Amusement Park in Pripyat, Ukraine was scheduled to open on May 1…

Liquidator team ready to climb the Chernobyl nuclear reactor top after the disaster. (RIA Novosti)

Sunflowers can clean radioactive waste - WTF fun facts

Fighting Chernobyl disaster 15. Press photographer Igor Kostin was the first professional press photographer who began to work at the accident site at Chernobyl. Igor Kostin captured more than five thousand photographs of the Chernobyl disaster and its aftermath. He received more than five maximum allowable doses of radiation.

Deserted secondary school near Chernobyl