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canto do passaro cardeal vermelho

Inca Terns - Reparem tem um tipo de bigode branco ! Bico e pés vermelhos , talvez para compensar a cor discreta .

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Venezuelan Poodle moth (Artace sp, perhaps A. cribaria), by Arthur Anker: Possibly a new species discovered by zoologist Arthur Anker in 2009. #Insects #Moths

Inca Tern (Larosterna inca) by Truus & Zoo: A seabird which breeds on the rocky cliffs on the coasts of Peru and Chile and is restricted to the Humboldt Current, the Inca Tern can be readily identified by its dark grey body, white moustache on the both sides of its head, and red-orange beak and feet. Its call is a cat-like 'mew'. #Birds #Inca_Tern #Mustache - nMais detalhes sobre o mesmo pássaro .

Beautiful picture..